C.A.S.E. Empowers Me By…

C.A.S.E. Empowers Me By...

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Written by C.A.S.E.
Published on: Mar 07, 2024
In honor of National Social Work Awareness Month, we are thrilled to announce this year’s theme:
Empowering Social Workers: Inspiring Action, Leading Change

Here at C.A.S.E., we take great pride in our commitment to empowering our social workers and therapists. As part of the celebration, our dedicated team took a moment to reflect on how C.A.S.E. empowers them in their crucial work. This month serves as a reminder of the incredible impact social workers have on individuals, families, and communities, and we are grateful for the opportunity to support and uplift our team in their mission to create positive change.

Shannon Wilson

“C.A.S.E. empowers me by welcoming my feedback and input, even as a new employee.”

Shannon Wilson, LCPC, Med, Director of Practice Management

Mari Itzkowitz

“C.A.S.E. empowers me by allowing me to do the work I love, in a field that is always on the cutting edge.”

Mari Itzkowitz, LCSW, Training Specialist & Adoption-Competent Therapist

Regi Corbie“C.A.S.E. empowers me by equipping me with the proper training and supervision to best serve our families.”

Regi Corbie, LGMFT, Adoption-Competent Therapist

Susan LaVigna“C.A.S.E. empowers me by always acknowledging, respecting, and supporting my work with adoptive families!”

Susan LaVigna, LCSW-C, Adoption-Competent Therapist

Elizabeth Bryan“C.A.S.E. empowers me by giving me the resources I need to support the families I work with navigating the complexities of adoption. I am provided with trainings, supervision, and tools to help me feel confident in being a sturdy leader for the families we serve.”

Elizabeth Bryan, LMSW, Adoption-Competent Therapist

Lala-Marie Perez“C.A.S.E empowers me by allowing me to facilitate resilience and emotional well-being in our clients. Witnessing others admire their own strengths and difference while providing a safe space for those within the adoption, foster and kinship community creates a sense of connection that is often being seek.”

Lala-Marie Perez, LMSW, Adoption-Competent Therapist

Carmen Rickman“C.A.S.E empowers me by fostering a culture of collaboration and innovation.”

Carmen Rickman, DSW, LCSW-C, Evaluation Manager & Adoption-Competent Therapist

Feel Empowered in Social Work. Join the C.A.S.E. team!

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