Our Impact

Our Impact

Every Child. Every Family.

Our Vision

A world where every child and family connected to adoption, foster and kinship care thrives.

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Interracial Adoptive Family Smiling Together KAN 2023

Together, we are making a difference by:

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  • Providing Mental Health Services to Children and Families
  • Advancing Learning to Build a Responsive National Network of Professionals
  • Transforming Policy and Practice Through Research and Advocacy
Transracial Family Support Services

In 2023, C.A.S.E. served 2,044 individuals who participated in mental health services.

Individuals Benefiting by Type of Service:

  • 30 Adoptive Family Recruitment
  • 76 Psychiatric Services
  • 114 Group Therapy
  • 944 Case Management
  • 1,482 Individual/Family Therapy
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Together, we are building a national workforce by advancing learning for more than 30,000 child welfare and mental health professionals who are serving children and families in communities across the country.

Across C.A.S.E., we managed more than 14,000 registrations for our training programs and webinars:

  • 6,721 Webinars
  • 5,361 National Training Initiative (NTI): Child Welfare, Mental Health, Schools
  • 2,008 Conferences and Conference Trainings

 CASE Academy logoWith our generous supporters, in 2023 C.A.S.E. launched our Academy for Advancing Clinical Practice in Permanency, integrating our clinical practice and training into hands-on learning to broaden professionals’ knowledge and practice integrating specialized skills.

Our supporters helped us convene an 11-member National Advisory Board, develop a robust internship program and train 10 MSW graduate students, complete a library of 11 instructional videos, and actively engage developing professionals in vibrant learning communities.


Diverse Group of Teens

Broadening C.A.S.E.’s leadership in workforce development in October 2023, C.A.S.E. was selected to develop the first ever National Center for Adoption Competent Mental Health Services funded through a cooperative agreement from the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services through the Administration for Children and Families.

National Center for Adoption Competent Mental Health Services logo

The Center is building bridges between child welfare and mental health systems to improve the quality of mental health care for children, young adults, and their families who have experienced the child welfare system, infusing the NTI adoption competency training in all levels of mental health care nationally.

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Funded through the Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families, Children’s Bureau, Grant # 90CO1145

The contents of this website do not necessarily reflect the views or policies of the funder, nor does mention of trade names, commercial products, or organizations imply endorsement by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.


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Fund-a-Family Scholarship Program

Thanks to our generous supporters, in 2023 C.A.S.E. was able to offer more than $170,000 in financial assistance to residents of Washington, D.C., Maryland and Virginia.

Through generous support we were able to improve the mental health of 103 clients and their families, like Andrea’s, who were not able to afford the cost of therapy.

Our supporters helped 66 children and youth and 37 adults and their families to engage in more than 1,000 counseling sessions to heal and overcome challenges related to loss, grief, trauma, identity issues, executive function, anxiety and depression.

Make a Donation to the Fund-A-Family Scholarship Program

The scholarship we received through C.A.S.E. provided our family with strategies and tools to help us communicate more effectively. We were able to have a greater understanding of our adopted children’s thoughts, fears, and feelings. We are thankful for the time we spent working with our C.A.S.E. therapist and the generosity of those that made it possible.”

– Andrea, Adoptive Mom, C.A.S.E. Scholarship Client/Recipient

School-based Mental Health Professionals Training

Your support allowed C.A.S.E. to adapt and extend our National Training Initiative (NTI) curriculum to school-based professionals to help them address the complex educational and behavioral needs of children in adoptive, foster, and kinship families. To date, 800 professionals like Ana have enrolled, representing 43 states and territories. With a goal of enrolling 1,500 professionals by December 2024, we presented at conferences nationwide last year and promoted the training to thousands of school districts and associations.

Ana NTI School Based Training Participant[The training] from C.A.S.E. helps counselors and teachers to work with students in more effective ways to improve well-being. It supports deeper problem-solving for students’ behaviors and provides reminders for many teachers about how the brain functions in a young child who has been affected by trauma. The training also helps with educating teachers as a sizable percentage do not understand foster care backgrounds. I appreciated the self-reflection pieces and exercises which are so realistic to the actual situations of students from so many types of trauma backgrounds and those experiencing homelessness. I like how the training increases the size of the “student and teacher toolboxes.” I hope many school districts will use this training!”

– Ana, District-Wide Social Worker, Family Services Coordinator, Nooksack Valley School District, WA 

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