NTI Users’ Testimonials

“The videos in the NTI training were my favorite part and allowed me to see how important all aspects of permanency are for the kids involved. The training allowed me to see that permanency doesn’t just stop at adoption or stepping down, but that it is a continuum of services that these kids need to succeed.”

Youth Villages

Chattanooga TFC Team Member

“NTI training strengthened me and helped me look through a trauma and attachment informed, developmental lens and supporting families through a family systems and strengths based approach.  It reinforced collaborating with the workers and services around a youth and family.  It gave me more tools to support common challenges with adoption related grief and loss, identity and behavioral challenges and resources to help educate/support parents with understanding complex developmental trauma.”

Social Worker

“NTI training will help me with working with the youth in helping them to understand why they are in full guardianship. Listening and being empathetic with the children and families has become easier. I feel more confident explaining the causes of behaviors to family/foster family and other professionals.”

Youth Counselor

“I feel NTI is critically needed education for pre-adoptive parents or post adoption families about how trauma and losses impact a child. Reinforcing the need for therapy at the various stages of the child’s development after the adoption.”

Social Worker

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