Get to Know Keith

How did you first come to know C.A.S.E.?
The way that I came to know C.A.S.E. was shortly after discovering that I was adopted 9 years ago and researching local organizations. Then more recently through a friend who presented the Emerging Leader opportunity.
How has your work with C.A.S.E. impacted you and your family?
My work with C.A.S.E. has only just begun but I’m already feeling a sense of accomplishment through the process of joining the Emerging Leader team.
Why did you want to become an Emerging Leader at C.A.S.E., and what do you hope to achieve during your time as a Board Member?
The reason why I wanted to become an Emerging Leader is because I’ve got a heart for those who are also adopted. I’m hoping that by sharing what I’ve learned through my own personal experiences that someone gains a better understanding of a specific topic, whatever that may be.
Tell us about your life outside C.A.S.E.: What do you do professionally and what are your interests outside work?
Outside of C.A.S.E I’m an Accounting professional for a D.C. Law firm as well as an On-Call Banquet server for a Hotel at the National Harbor. With the warmer weather approaching you’ll typically find me out in nature exploring a hiking trail or finding another outdoor activity. More than likely by way of short road trip. My kids are the motivation in everything I do, even the fun stuff since it’s mostly about giving them new experiences and making memories. Living life while it’s still here!
April is Counseling Awareness Month. Can you share how counseling has helped you along your adoption journey and how it can help others?
I’d highly recommend some form of counseling for anyone who has experience being adopted. It has helped me to navigate certain feelings that had been stored away and presented themselves in ways I hadn’t realized. Talking through the issues has made a major difference in my life.

Keith Sciarillo is a 41 year old Late Discovery Adoptee who was born in New York City, raised in NY and then later in NJ and currently resides in the DC Metropolitan area. Keith works in the Accounting field as well as the Food and Beverage industry. A father of 2 children who are his world and enjoys outdoor activities as well as reading. Looking forward too contributing as a member of the Emerging Leaders team at C.A.S.E. for a long time to come.

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