WEBINAR: The Intersection of Transracial Adoption and Racial (in)Justice

WEBINAR: The Intersection of Transracial Adoption and Racial (in)Justice

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Date Feb 01, 2024
Time 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
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Transracial caregiving is a multifaceted journey for the entire family, but it is often the child who bears the brunt of navigating the complexity of the experience. It is critical that caregivers and parents understand the history of why children of color are over-represented in child-welfare in order to avoid perpetuating racism and to instead embrace an anti-racist outlook to support the health and wellbeing of transracial adoptees and/or transracial foster youth. This workshop will provide a window into the nuanced first-hand narratives of adoptees through videos, anonymized case studies and Angela’s personal stories. This interactive workshop will leave you thinking about the role transracial adoption plays in our quest for racial justice in America.

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe the basics of the Multi-Ethnic Placement Ad
  • Increased awareness of American racial norms
  • Explain the original goal of the NABSW 1972 Transracial Adoption Position Statement
  • State one reason for the importance of differentiating the intent versus impact of microaggressions
  • Develop strategies for identifying, preventing and responding to microaggressions


Angela Tucker, a Black transracial adoptee, is an author and internationally recognized speaker on adoption, race, identity and inclusion. Her debut book; “You Should Be Grateful:” Stories of Race, Identity and Transracial Adoption, was published in April 2023 by Beacon Press. At the age of 26 Angela found her biological family. Her determination and insatiable curiosity is an inspiration to many and is on display through her search for her biological parents in the intimate documentary, CLOSURE (Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime). Angela has worked within child welfare for the past 15 years, including securing and managing a $250,000 grant for a Seattle based foster care agency, while working as the director of Post-Adoption Services. As a film producer, author and cultural commentator, Angela has appeared on CNN, Al Jazeera, The Red Table Talk, in The New Yorker and many other top-tier media outlets to help center adoptee stories. She is a mentor and advisor to adoptees nationwide, has contributed to renowned fictional work, including Broadway’s Jagged Little Pill and NBC’s hit show, This Is Us.

As the CEO of The Adopted Life, Tucker hosts The Adoptee Next Door podcast to offer nuanced, ethical and accessible content in order to create a world where all adoptee experiences are valid and valued. She is also the host of the INNOVATE! podcast, where she interviews those named Re-Envisioning Foster Care Champions of America. She has produced five short educational films about adoption and offers regular consulting for media, agencies and families. Angela founded the Adoptee Mentoring Society in 2022, Angela lives with Bryan Tucker, her Emmy-award winning spouse in Seattle, Washington.