SYF WEBINAR: Attachment, Trauma, and Object Relations Theory

SYF WEBINAR: Attachment, Trauma, and Object Relations Theory

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Date Jun 20, 2024
Time 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm
Cost $ 15.00
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Thursday, June 20, 2024 | 1:00PM – 2:30PM EST 

Extended Access Available June 20 – July 18, 2024

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For many in the foster, kinship and adoption experience, the concepts of attachment and trauma are quite familiar. Less known is object relations theory—what might be thought of as ‘advanced attachment’. This approach looks at many of the confusing complexities and contradictions in the parent-child relationship as well as the path to becoming a sturdy self. These roads can be bumpy for all children, but especially for those who are no longer raised by their biological parents. From this perspective, the most important aspects of trauma may not be alarm states, mistrust or low self-esteem, but rather how these early experiences shape—and sometimes skew—strategies for how to become a solid person and a loving member of a family. Creating an accurate model of what is happening for the child (and parent) is a prelude to more precise intervention of core issues.

Meet the Presenter – John Sobraske

John Sobraske John Sobraske is an adopted person, a stepparent of adopted children, and an adoption psychotherapist in private practice. As a graduate fellow at the University of Minnesota, he participated in research on open adoption and early stress. He currently resides and practices in Rochester, New York. Research interests include executive function, object relations, attachment, FASD, autism and personality disorders. He works with all ages, all members of the adoption constellation, and diverse populations, and is a national and international presenter on adoption and foster care issues.