SUPPORT GROUP: A Support Group for Parents in Racially Diverse Families

SUPPORT GROUP: A Support Group for Parents in Racially Diverse Families

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Date Jun 19, 2024
Time 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
Cost $ 25.00
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WHO: Transracial Adoptive & Foster Parents

WHEN: The 3rd Wednesday of Every Month, starting April 17, 2024

COST: A one-time payment of $25 provides lifetime access to the support group

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This support group will provide a space where interracial adoptive parents of children (and adults) of all ages can share their experiences about parenting children of a different race, while fostering a sense of community. Without the support of their parents, interracial adoptees are at a disadvantage. However, sometimes, it can be hard for parents to know what is going on with their children and when to step up, step back, or take a different route entirely. This support group offers a free-flowing environment where participants can share anything relevant to the discussion surrounding their families. Additionally, within the support group, how to form and maintain secure attachments in interracial adoptive households, the importance of creating diverse environments, how to talk about race and racism with children, navigating birth family relationships, and the urgency of examining our own biases as we attempt to support the needs of interracial adoptees, are all topics the group expects to talk about with great vulnerability. We look forward to seeing you!

Contact: Tony Hynes,


Anthony HynesTony Hynes, M.A/PhD Candidate Studying Interracial Adoption, C.A.S.E. Training Specialist, Interracial Adoptee


Tony, a former foster youth and adoptee, was adopted by a same sex couple in the mid 1990’s. He writes about his experiences growing up as both an interracial adoptee and as a child growing up in a same sex headed household in his memoir “The Son With Two Moms.” Today, Tony is an advocate for families like his, having served on the Board of Directors for organizations that serve to highlight adoptive families from diverse upbringings, and working with individual families in both pre and post adoptive placements. A thought leader in the field of adoption, Tony has been invited to be a speaker at conferences on adoption and foster care throughout the nation, especially those involving interracial placements.

Tony completed his Masters thesis in Sociology on the psychology of children within the same sex headed household in 2013, and in the fall of 2017 was awarded a full scholarship to begin his PhD studies in Language, Literacy, and Culture at the Univ. of Maryland Baltimore County, where he has begun work on his dissertation, which focuses on social connectedness among interracial adoptees.

In his time as Training Specialist at C.A.S.E, Tony has designed innovative training curriculums that help families and professionals respond to evaluation and assessment tools that encapsulate holistic pictures of adoptees and foster youth.