FOR NORTHERN VA FAMILIES: NPAC Live – Transparency in Adoption

FOR NORTHERN VA FAMILIES: NPAC Live - Transparency in Adoption

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Date Jan 11, 2024
Time 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
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Please plan to kick off the new year with our newest NPAC Live (virtual) featuring Cammie Robinson! Cammie Robinson is an extraordinary individual whose life journey began under a shroud of secrecy, and the revelation of her own adoption at the age of 17 was a poignant and unexpected turning point in her life. Adopted from foster care at just 2 years old, Cammie was kept in the dark about her true identity her entire life, making the discovery of her adoption a bittersweet moment. This revelation unveiled a story of love, resilience, and hope, though it came with its own set of emotional challenges. The unexpected twist of finding out about her own adoption at 17 imbued Cammie with a profound perspective on the complexities of the adoption experience.

Cammie will be joining NPAC to share her thoughts on the value of transparency in parenting adopted children as they are growing up. She will share more about her story and there will be time for questions. It is her hope that together, we can work to create brighter futures for countless children and families and advocate for the beauty of adoption, from secrets and surprises to celebration.


Contacts: Rachel Wegner, 

With a deep passion for helping others, Cammie Robinson has spent the last 6 years working as a foster care and adoption worker for the local Department of Social Services. In this role, she offers essential support and guidance to children and families navigating the intricacies of the foster care and adoption system. Cammie’s unique journey from foster care to adoption, marked by the surprising discovery at 17, fuels her dedication to sharing her story. She aims to inspire hope and encourage others to consider adoption as a beautiful way to transform lives.

Join Cammie in celebrating the profound power of adoption, acknowledging the challenges and the joys it brings.