Head Family

My mom received a call at 4 pm the Tuesday before Thanksgiving 2006. The caller said, “Would you be interested in fostering a newborn?” My parents had been trying to adopt through foster care for several years, but this was a new one!
Mom said “Of course! Is it a boy or a girl?”
The caller said “I’m not sure, hang on a minute and I will check. Ok, it’s a girl.”
Mom asked if I had a name and the answer was “Not yet.” Mom said, “Absolutely, we want her!”
It was arranged that due to the holiday I would stay at the hospital until Friday, the day after Thanksgiving.
In the meantime, mom did some shopping to prepare for my arrival. She walked into the Target and was overcome with a strong feeling. She thought “This is my girl and she is coming tomorrow.”
I arrived the next day, Friday, directly from the hospital. I was dressed in my hospital tees shirt and diaper. Eighteen months later my adoption was finalized. I was officially a part of my forever family.