Michael Hellwig

Michael Hellwig’s Story

I vividly remember coming out of a deep slumber. Just before opening my eyes the sweetest most caring voice said to me. ” Michael, this is the first day of the rest of your life”. The reason the voice is so memorable to me is that I’ve often revisited it, in times of need.

And while I was I’ll be prepared for adoption at the time. It was my saving grace and the reason I was able to carry on.

Remember, you are one of the strongest souls to grace this earth. Just being born is an accomplishment in itself! During your life, you will constantly be pushed and challenged. But that’s only life’s way of blowing you a kiss and getting you to the next level.

Initially, you will look for validation and hugs from outside eyes. But later on down the road, you will realize that you are equipped with everything you need to flourish, internally.

Wear your adoption status as a badge of honor! As few can and will hold such a distinction!