Celebrating Social Workers: #ShareAHeart

Celebrating Social Workers: #ShareAHeart

Social Workers
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Written by C.A.S.E.
Published on: Feb 26, 2021

March is Social Work Awareness Month. Here at C.A.S.E., we’re celebrating by acknowledging and sharing the important work social workers do each and every day.  

Social workers are essential to community well-being.   In fact, the theme of this year’s Social Work Month is ‘Social Workers are Essential.’  Social workers are woven into the fabric of our society, although they are often unsung heroes.  As our nation recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic, economic uncertainty, and racial unrest, social workers are needed more than ever.

Each day more than 700,000 social workers nationwide make life better for others. They work in schools, helping children get the services they need to get the best possible education. They are in mental health centers and private practices, helping people overcome mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety, and substance use disorders. 

They protect children from neglect and abuse and help form new families through adoption. Social workers are in hospitals, helping patients get the best possible care not only while in treatment but when they return to their families and communities. And they help those cope with the loss of loved ones.

And, of course, they are here at C.A.S.E., improving the lives of children who have been adopted or children in foster care and their adoptive families through a family-centered, strength-based collaborative, clinical approach, combined with educational resources and support that empowers families to thrive.

And throughout the myriad challenges of the past year, C.A.S.E. social workers tirelessly helped kids and families survive and thrive. Below are three quotes from therapists here at C.A.S.E.

“I am very proud of how our team has stepped up and pulled together in the face of all the challenges this past year.  It has been inspiring to see the level of dedication to the quality of our work with families.’

‘Pivoting to Teletherapy allowed me to continue to see my clients without interruption.  In many instances, this was the first routine activity that some families were able to reinitiate once the Pandemic hit.  Routine for many of our kids is essential.”

This year has brought unique challenges.  Everyone needed to adapt.  Therapists, administrative staff, and all of our own families and the families we serve.  Everyone needed to readjust.”

Please help us acknowledge the vital role social workers provide by sharing this post along with a photo of you ‘sending a heart’ to the 700,000 social workers making a difference in communities across the country every day.  Be sure to include #ShareAHeart in your post and tag a social worker who has made a difference in your life.  Social Workers are Essential.  Let’s show them our appreciation. #ShareAHeart

Written by Jennifer Jankowski, Vice President, National Marketing and Communications, C.A.S.E.

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