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NTI Introduction Videos

Introduction to the Need for the National Training Initiative and the facts you may not know.

CEO of C.A.S.E., Debbie Riley, tells why NTI training is important for Mental Health Professionals.

Adoption is a Lifelong Journey. Acquiring a deeper understanding can help you overcome challenges.

Catch the NTI Wave!  Lisa Maynard, LMSW, NTI Implementation Specialist, shares her heart, her story, and the NTI triple bonus!

Interviews with Child Welfare & Mental Health Leaders

Louise Johnson, Director of the Div. of Children, Adolescents, and their Families for SC Dept. of Mental Health explains how NTI Training helped to reach her goal of giving staff tools needed to be truly effective. Becky Sharp, Sr. Program Manager, SCDSS adds insights.

Terry Cross, Senior Advisor, National Indian Child Welfare Association, shares how NTI training builds knowledge and capacity for navigating the impact of loss and grief and other trauma-related challenges impacting the child welfare system.

Sarah Gerstenzang, Board Chair of the NY Adoptive and Foster Family Coalition, and an Adoptive Parent, explains why therapists must have the skills and knowledge that NTI Training helps to build.

Leslie Keenan, Executive Director at Family Hope House, shares how NTI Training gives a framework to utilize best practices for healthy permanency outcomes.

Sarah Gerstenzang, Board Chair of the NY Adoptive and Foster Family Coalition, and an adoptive parent, explains how NTI Training helps to understand what’s underneath behavior, and why that’s so critical.

Theresa Thurmond of CA DSS, explains why NTI Training is an important initiative needed both at the county and state levels for helping children heal.

NTI Training Participants Share 2021 Highlights

Texas Department of Family and Protective Services in partnership with Texas Alliance of Child and Family Services shares highlights on successfully rolling out the NTI trainings statewide!

North Slope, Northern Alaska finds NTI beneficial: Courtney Yemiola Shares insights.  Also See 2021 Webinar, “Integrating NTI in Mental Health Practice.
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