NTI Logos for Promotional Communications

NTI Logos for Promotional Communications

The NTI logos below are available for you to download and use on your website and other communication vehicles, with the About NTI link or an information snippet from that page.

For questions about logo usage and messaging, please contact NTI Marketing Manager: info@adoptionsupport.org

We are glad to help organizations reach their potential audiences across the nation and is excited to hear the outcomes!

Promote Specific NTI Trainings

The NTI logos below can help you communicate about a specific NTI training, or all three. Brief descriptions of the training are given with each image, after the download links.

NTI Child Welfare Training Logo:
  • NTI Child Welfare Training Logo

  • Description: NTI enables Child Welfare Agencies to engage effectively with children, youth, and families who’ve experienced trauma, loss and grief. This 8 module, 20 hour web-based training (see Curricula Overview) focuses on case work practices and professional skills for staff across the child welfare continuum to promote child well-being, permanency and family stability for children living with foster, adoptive or guardianship families.

NTI Child Welfare Supervisors Training Logo:

NTI Mental Health Training Logo:

  • NTI Mental Health Training Logo

  • Description: NTI can help equip Mental Health Professionals to more effectively address challenges that compromise well-being and family stability. The 10 module, 30 hour web-based training focuses on assessment, support and therapeutic interventions which promote permanency and improve well-being for children and youth and their foster, adoptive and guardianship families. View the video for an overview of the Training for Mental Health Professionals.