Access to NTI Web-Based Training for Individuals


Access on the C.A.S.E. LMS:

  • Free NASW Continuing Education Credits + Help Desk Support


Select the appropriate training link, and please follow the instructions:

First time users:
Create an account and log-into the Ideas@TheInstitute learning management system. Please complete all the required information, choosing your state from the “Location” drop-down menu. Click the Enroll button on the Enrollment Key pop-up.

If you already have a log-in/account in this learning management system:
Click on the link
and log-in to your account. Click the Enroll button on the Enrollment Key pop-up. Next, click on the “Edit Profile” box on your dashboard or at the top of the screen. Complete any missing information for your account, choosing your state from the “Location” drop down menu.

The NTI Training should now be available on your dashboard. If you have problems creating your account or accessing the system, contact the Ideas@TheInstitute Helpdesk at or call 410-706-4334.

  • CEUs Available for Purchase

Visit the NTI Training Hosts Sites Directory. See organizations hosting the Child Welfare and Mental Health NTI Trainings. Sort by state, name, or training type. Click HERE.