Anne with an E Netflix Series Review – Praise from an Adoptive Family

Anne with an E Netflix Series Review - Praise from an Adoptive Family

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Written by C.A.S.E.
Published on: Jul 19, 2023
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Read the praise by Maya and her family members for Anne with an E, a popular Netflix series based on the book Anne of Green Gables, by Lucy Maud Montgomery. Maya and her family members are C.A.S.E. clients.


“Do you have adopted kids who are longing for a good show to watch? Well, Anne with an E is your show. It’s a great way to start a conversation with your kids and the whole family enjoys it! Even though AWAE (Anne with an E) took place in 1890 and things are a little different than they are now, it can still teach valuable lessons. For example, there’s a character who is African American and is moving to an all- white place and is living with his white friend. Throughout the time he is living there, he faces a lot of racism and discrimination. I think this show really taught me to be thankful for what I have. I’m 13 and I’ve never really been into those shows that took place way back in the day, but this show literally changed that. I’m now watching AWAW (Anne with an E) for the second time through and after doing a lot of research on all the characters, I find it much more interesting now that I know their background.”

– Maya, Teen Adoptee

“As a parent of a tween girl, finding “movie night” choices that she and I both enjoy watching, and that I feel good about her watching is difficult. We, however, stumbled on Anne with an E. Although it is a story based on farming life in the late 1800’s, not at all what our daughter is usually drawn to, we were all riveted from the first episode in the series. Through the eyes of a girl adopted by parents as she entered the tween years, the series dealt with adoption, marginalization, social inequality, race, parent questions and struggles, and much more. We literally wanted to watch each episode one after another as each one left us on the edge of our seats. What is amazing is that there was nothing in this show that directly reflected our modern way of life but nevertheless, it seemed totally relevant to understanding life today. The sensitivity, passion, and intelligence of the writing, the character development, and the fine acting performances have left our daughter and us enriched as individuals and as a family.”

– Maya’s dad Brad

“What are my roots?”
“Do we have what it takes to be parents”
“What makes a family?”

After 27 delectable episodes our family which was touched by adoption found many parallels and much “modern” wisdom in “anne with an e” the netflix/cbc collaboration that ran for 3 seasons. “Love is not a limited commodity” states Ms Stacy the town’s teacher in comforting Marilla who worries that she and her brother Matthew who have adopted Anne, will lose her when she starts to seek out her roots.

Issues of race, class, sexism, and coming of age are dealt with with great gentleness, humor and wisdom. Some families in the small farming community have much material wealth and yet there children often seem more burdened and less wealthy in love and self esteem than is Anne though she is growing up with simpler means. The progressive mother’s club is demonstrated to have limits to it’s progressiveness when faced some differences between Anne and their children which make them uncomfortable.

The townspeople are shown— some at their best and others not so much —as they struggle with issues much as we do today. This series could well have been written by modern adoption competent therapists. It was also highly engaging and entertaining.

– Maya’s papa Stan

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