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Your support for adoptive, foster and kinship families in financial need provides access to life-changing therapy.

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Angela’s Story

Angela came to C.A.S.E. in her early 30’s, struggling to afford care. Removed from her family of origin as a toddler, she wasn’t formally adopted until she was in elementary school.

Angela was angry that she did not have control over the many circumstances of loss, grief, and trauma impacting her early years. As she got older, her life really started spinning out of control. She was depressed and felt like she just couldn’t see a future for herself.

Thanks to our generous donors, Angela was able to receive therapy at almost no cost through the Fund-a-Family Scholarship Program.

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Invest in Families’ Mental Health

Perhaps today you know someone close to you, who’s struggling with mental health challenges, because of circumstances beyond their control—economic uncertainty, lack of safety, and the global unrest we’re all grappling with. Everyone should have affordable access to adoption competent mental healthcare—
regardless of their ability to pay.

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