Thomas H. Dozier works with parents, often by video-chat, to improve child behavior and connectedness in the family. His expertise is with both adopted and biological children. Thomas works with families in the San Francisco East Bay area in person, and world-wide using confidential video-teleconference.

Thomas specializes in child overt behavior, emotional regulation, family harmony, connectedness/attachment, misophonia treatment (extreme response to common, subtle stimuli),  and general parenting skills for adoptive and biological families. He works with children 1-18 years of age, addressing explosive, disruptive and non-compliant behavior, and developing self-regulation, cooperation and positive interactions in the family.

Behavior science provides an understanding of child behavior that can be very beneficial with adopted (and biological) children. Using primarily positive methods, issues of problem behavior and family harmony can be greatly improved, which in turn builds feelings of warmth, connectedness, and self-esteem.

Thomas accepts self-pay with sliding scale, which is based on client cash-flow with no verification required. Please visit for more information.