James Kantner, LMFT completed the CASE TAC training in February 2014 and worked with foster and adoptive families as both a clinician and county social worker for about 7 years. He has a strong knowledge of the child welfare system and how this impacts foster and adoptive families. He also has experience in treating co-occuring disorders. James’ work with foster and adoptive families strongly emphasizes a trauma informed approach. He works with families at all stages of the foster / adoption process. His private practice is located in the small rural town of Sutter Creek located in the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas, located 90 minutes southeast of Lake Tahoe and one hour east of Sacramento. He serves clients living in Armador, Calaveras, Sacramento and El Dorado Counties.

James feels that the experience of foster care and adoption is such a unique experience that it’s important to choose a therapist that truly understands the impact of trauma on the child, the legal system and often presenting grief and loss issues from not only the child’s perspective but often times from the caregivers as well.