Elizabeth Emen, MS, LCPC, LPC, LMHC completed the Training for Adoption Competency (TAC) program in 2016. Elizabeth is a former TAC trainer. Elizabeth is currently the Supervisory Therapist for Montgomery County DHHS, Child and Adolescent Behavioral Health (CABHS) in Maryland. Elizabeth currently serves Montgomery County, MD specializing in attachment; trauma, grief/loss, gender and sexual identity; race/culture stressors and immigration trauma; youth and family services. Elizabeth serves Foster, Adopted Children and Caregivers (birth parents, kinship caregivers, foster parents, pre and post adoptive caregivers) specializing in relinquishment-traumatic grief & loss; open adoption/search and reunion; attachment and trauma-development impact; identity development needs and challenges. CABHS serves those with Medicaid in Montgomery County.

Separately from her role at CABHS, Elizabeth provides private practice services in Maryland, Virginia, and New York to those with private insurance or private pay clients.