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“Transfer of Learning 2021 Series”

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Webinar: NTI Raises the Bar…Individuals & Organizations Getting Ready for NTI

Webinar: Overview of NTI for Mental Health Professionals

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Presenter: Debbie Riley, LCMFT, Co-founder and CEO of The Center for Adoption Support and Education (C.A.S.E.).

As community-based and private practice mental health clinicians in NTI pilot states, you can become part of a national effort building capacity to effectively help foster, adoptive and guardianship families. The webinar content will give you the comprehensive insights needed!

The webinar covers these learning objectives:

1. Develop a deeper understanding of the mental health challenges of foster and adoptive children based on review of research.

2. Gain insight of the core competencies which are foundational to adoption competent mental health practice.

3. Build awareness of NTI Curriculum for Mental Health Professionals and benefits of participating in the training pilot. See a demonstration of the training. Learn how the pilot sites participated.


Webinar: Transfer of Learning for NTI Training

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Presenters: NTI Implementation Specialists…Lisa Maynard, Mary Wichansky, and Emily Smith-Goering.

This content covers how to help your staff transfer the skills and knowledge they are learning from NTI into practice.

The webinar covers these learning objectives:

1. Commit to transferring NTI learning
2. Know how to use several tools to support transfer process
3. Gain knowledge of how to create a plan for transfer of learning


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