Get To Know Zoe

How did you first come to know C.A.S.E.?

I first came to know C.A.S.E. because my mom worked at C.A.S.E. as a therapist and brought me to the KAN Carnivals when I was younger with my other adopted sister. I came back later in life to contribute my adoption story to the Beneath the Mask: For Teen Adoptees: Teens and Young Adults Share Their Stories.

How has your work with C.A.S.E. impacted you and your family?

I have known from a young age that I was adopted and I loved that. Especially going to the KAN carnivals every year, made me love being adopted and made me believe that I was different, but in a good way for it. It gave me a lot of confidence to share my story with others and normalize adoption to those around me. C.A.S.E. has definitely always been there as a resource for my family, including my sister who struggled with her adoption identity, and her mental health, for a long time.

Why did you want to become an Emerging Leader at CASE, and what do you hope to achieve during your time as a Board Member?

I have always been an advocate for adoption and would openly share my story to whoever wanted to know more. Obviously as a teacher, my goal is to always educate in anyway I can. For me, being on the Council would give me another way to educate and share my story and my experiences with those who need it, but also letting others stories and experiences help to educate myself in return.

Tell us about your life outside of C.A.S.E.: What do you do professionally and what are your interests outside if work? 

I am a Social Studies teacher for MCPS, so I love all things history.  I am a manager for the Sherwood Community Youth Choir where children grades 4-6th come together to learn singing techniques and singing in a group, while building community. I am also in the adult choir, Sherwood Community Chamber Choir, which is comprised of alumni of the Sherwood High School music department and other community members (anyone can join!). I am also frequently enjoying the DMV theatre scene, seeing as many shows as I can.

Zoe Bulitt was adopted by her family from birth and has a biological sister who was also adopted into her family after her. She grew up in a household of four girls and a wonderfully supportive family who introduced her to C.A.S.E. To help navigate adoption from a younger age. She pursued her passion of theatre for her undergrad at Monmouth University and ultimately found a second passion of teaching a few years post grad. She went back to school to get her Masters in Teaching from UMBC and is currently a Social Studies teacher for MCPS. She has also helped manage the newly found Sherwood Community Youth Choir to combine her love of performing and teaching. Always an advocate for telling her adoption story, Zoe returned to C.A.S.E. by contributing her story that was published in the Beneath the Mask Workbook. Zoe joined the Emerging Leaders Council to continue telling her story and to help others find their voice in telling theirs. When Zoe is not teaching, she enjoys attending theatrical performances of all types and singing in her alumni choir, Sherwood Community Chamber Choir.