Oterial Arrington is a passionate child advocate with a deep commitment to improving the lives of children from all backgrounds and abilities. Since 2005, she has been the loving mother of an adopted child, which sparked her interest in helping children find loving homes and supportive families.

With a background in recruitment, staffing, and management spanning over 20 years, Oterial brings a wealth of experience in building and nurturing relationships. However, her true calling lies in advocating for children and addressing their unique needs.

Oterial firmly believes in the power of community and subscribes to the philosophy that “it takes a village” to support and care for children. She recognizes that organizations like C.A.S.E (Child Adoption and Support Agency) are crucial in facilitating the process of finding children permanent and loving homes.

With her passion, experience, and dedication, Oterial is a valuable asset to C.A.S.E, working diligently to match children with adoptive families who are committed to providing a nurturing environment. Her ultimate goal is to ensure that every child finds a loving and supportive home where they can thrive and reach their full potential.