Get to Know Michaela 

How did you first come to know C.A.S.E.?
When I was about 10 years old, my parents brought both me and my adopted brother to a family therapy session at C.A.S.E. The intention was primarily for my brother who was having some adolescent behavior issues that were thought to stem from underlying problems related to being adopted but it soon became clear that he had no interest but I did. I then started attending therapy sessions on my own. That was about 15 years ago and I’ve been a part of C.A.S.E. ever since.
How has your work with C.A.S.E. impacted you and your family?
C.A.S.E. has had a huge impact on my family. Once I began attending therapy sessions, it was very clear how comfortable I was telling my adoption story. I have been asked to be a part of various events such as panels for adults with adopted children, helping lead a children’s group at the KAN Carnival, telling my story for radio advertisements, participating in video testimonies, and attending meetings on Capitol Hill to advocate for more funding. C.A.S.E. gave me the skills to be comfortable telling my adoption story and they gave me the desire to help as many people as possible by telling my story. In addition, my father also found C.A.S.E.’s purpose to be important and joined their Board as a member in hopes of continuing the impactful help that they provide to foster and adopted children and families.
Why did you want to become an Emerging Leader at C.A.S.E., and what do you hope to achieve during your time as a Board Member?
C.A.S.E. has helped me become a more confident woman and as I have gotten older, I have looked back and recognized the importance that C.A.S.E. had in helping me grow as an individual. Without C.A.S.E. I do not think I would be as comfortable in my own skin. I have a solid understanding of who I am because they helped me through my own adoption story and understand how it adds to my already existing identity. I have seen how impactful C.A.S.E. is to hundreds of children and families. I have worked first hand with children who struggle with understanding why they were placed for adoption. I joined the Emerging Leaders at CASE because I hope to continue helping these children and families while also hopefully reaching new individuals who need these services and never knew they existed. I hope to provide new insights based on my own personal experiences while continuing the work that CASE provides.
Tell us about your life outside C.A.S.E.: What do you do professionally and what are your interests outside work?
I graduated from James Madison University and have a degree in Kinesiology. I grew up playing basketball and enjoy sports medicine and the rehabilitation side of sports. I currently work at Sibley Memorial Hospital in Washington, DC as a rehabilitation assistant where I help physical therapists improve the quality of life of post surgical patients along with various other physical therapy needs. I currently am in school to become a physical therapist assistant so I can continue my love of rehabilitation. Outside of work, I enjoy all things related to fitness. I love working out, Pilates, yoga, going for hikes, or bike rides.

Michaela Battle is a 26 year old adoptee from Olney, Maryland. She has been a client of C.A.S.E. and involved with C.A.S.E. events for over 10 years. Michaela has a B.S in Kinesiology from James Madison University and resides in Howard County, Maryland and is currently pursuing a degree as a Physical Therapist Assistant.