Chiara earned her Bachelor of Science in Women’s Studies from Towson University and her Master of Social Work from University of Maryland Baltimore. Her education and career have always focused on her passion for working with children and families and has been working in the field of foster care and adoption for over five years. Chiara has been working with C.A.S.E since November 2015. Before taking on the new role as Case Manager, Growing Together Campaign (GTC) Baltimore City, Chiara held the role of a Wendy’s Wonderful Recruiter and worked in our previous 3L program assisting foster youth who were aging out of the foster care system in Montgomery County, Maryland.

Chiara strongly believes that every child waiting to be adopted is adoptable. She values permanency, family and most importantly adoption. When Chiara worked with older youth aging out of foster care, she saw the negative impact and unfortunate outcomes of youth not having a permanent family and home of their own. She then vowed to advocate for every child and support their hopes and dreams.

In 2019, Chiara attended the adoption finalization celebration for one of her clients, 16-year-old Stephen. He was adopted by the family that had previously adopted his two biological brothers. Here is the heartwarming statement from Stephen on his adoption day: “This is an amazing day. I’m so happy. I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time. I’ve prayed for this day to come and its finally here. I just want to thank you Ms. Chi. Thank you for everything. You’re like family!”