Carol J. Shoemaker serves as a member of the C.A.S.E. Board of Directors. She retired several years ago after a 45-year career that included serving as personal secretary to the chairman of a DC Government commission, and later working for a presidential appointee at the Department of Commerce during the Reagan Administration. After her government service, Carol was the executive assistant to the CEO’s at two prominent non-profit trade associations and, finally, office manager at a local Catholic school.

Volunteering for non-profit organizations has been of interest to Carol for many years, beginning in the late 1980’s when she volunteered and later became a member of the Board of Directors of the local chapter of the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Currently, in addition to her involvement with C.A.S.E., Carol also volunteers for the local affiliate of a national organization dedicated to providing free home repair services to low-income, elderly and/or disabled homeowners in Montgomery County.

Carol and her husband became involved with C.A.S.E. after the adoption of their daughter over 20 years ago. Carol and her husband reside in Laytonsville, MD.