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Transfer of Learning Guide for NTI Trainings

The new TOL guide (left) provides a review of concepts that can increase the transfer of learning from NTI training modules into day-to-day practice!

The "Tips and Tools" (right) are designed to be used before, during and after the training along with the TOL Guide.

Tips and Tools
for Transfer of Learning

Webinar:  Transfer of Learning for NTI Training

See Agenda: Click Image

Presenters:  NTI Implementation Specialists…Lisa Maynard, Mary Wichansky, and Emily Smith-Goering.

This content covers how to help your staff transfer the skills and knowledge they are learning from NTI into practice.

The webinar covers these learning objectives:

1. Commit to transferring NTI learning
2. Know how to use several tools to support transfer process
3. Gain knowledge of how to create a plan for transfer of learning