National Advisors

NTI Trainings were developed based on competencies that were identified and vetted by a broad range of nationally recognized experts including young adults and parents with lived experience in foster care, kinship care and adoption. Advisors provided valuable guidance in the development of competencies and curricula, and dissemination of NTI training: 

  • Uma Ahlawalia, MSW Former Director Montgomery County (MD) Department of Social ServicesMaryland 
  • Carol Bishop, MA, LMFT Co-founder, Kinship Center, California 
  • David Brodzinsky, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus of clinical and developmental psychology at Rutgers University, forensic psychologist, author and consultant, California 
  • Terry Cross, LCSW Founder & Senior Advisor, National Indian Child Welfare Association, Oregon 
  • Joe Crumbley, DSW Family therapist, trainer, and consultantPennsylvania 
  • Jan Dick, LCSW Director of Child and Family PermanencyFamily & Children’s Services (Retired), Tennessee 
  • John Johnson, MA Former Director of Foster Care and Adoption Services, Tennessee Dept. of Children & Families; Former President, National Association of State Adoption Programs, (Deceased) 
  • Nicole Dobbins Child Welfare Partnership, Casey Family Programs, Washington DC 
  • Jetaine Hart ConsultantFoster Youth in Action, Washington DC 
  • Rebecca Jones Gaston, MSW Director of Child Welfare, Oregon Department of Human Services; Former Deputy Executive Dir., Social Services Administration, MD Department of Human Services, Oregon 
  • Darla Henry, Ph.D. Trainer, Consultant, Author of 3-5-7 Model©, Pennsylvania 
  • Jodi Hill-Lilly, MSWFormer Co-Director, Dept. of Children and FamiliesAcademy for Workforce Knowledge & DevelopmentConnecticut 
  • Sarah Gerstenzang, LCSW Clinical Social WorkerBirth, FosterAdoptive and Kinship Parent, New York 
  • Cassandra Kiesel, Ph.D. Research Associate Professor in Psychiatry and Behavioral SciencesFeinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern University, Illinois 
  • Traci LaLiberte, Ph.D. Executive Director Center for Advanced Studies in Child Welfare, University of Minnesota, Minnesota 
  • Ruth McRoy, Ph.D. Professor Emerita, Boston College School of Social Work 
  • Tracey Parker, Adoption Program Manager, Iowa Department of Human Services(Retired) Iowa 
  • Susan Rich, MD, MPH Child/Adolescent and Adult PsychiatristMaryland 
  • Derrick Riggins, ConsultantFormer foster youth, Florida 
  • Marty Shannon, Adoption Program Administrator, Utah Department of Human ServicesNASAP Board, Utah 
  • Susan Smith, LCSW, Professor Emerita, School of Social Work, Illinois State University, North Carolina 
  • Nicki SteinhoffDirector of Training & Community Support, Foster and Adoptive Care Coalition, Missouri 
  • Karri Vasquez, ConsultantFoster/Adoptive Parent, Virginia 
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