Management Testimonials

“NTI is the most concise training I have seen for Child Welfare staff ever! It gets to the heart of the work, and really gives hands on tools for staff to use in supporting children and families. I keep sharing information with the rest of the child welfare executive team, regarding the training, and am excited for our entire system to get this information as soon as possible.”

Deputy Director

Foster Care and Adoption Child Welfare Services

“My team and I enjoyed completing the NTI training. It was very beneficial and applicable that the training specifically targeted child welfare workers, verses an overall mental health training. All the material was evidenced and research based with practical interventions that can be implemented. The lessons were relevant to the work we do in foster care and gave us valuable resources to better our practice. The self-assessments/evaluations were great for personal development to identify areas we need to target and expand on in our practice. The modules addressed multiple learning styles, which was helpful to ensure each staff received the information in the best way for them.”

Knoxville TFC Clinical Supervisor

“I really feel good about the training and it has been my experience that professionals working with kids with trauma are ill prepared. I believe that this is a travesty to the children and families who need us to be more competent to provide the best possible services and begin the process of healing. Just let me know when you are able to talk so we can discuss and plan for getting this training to school personnel in Peoria Public Schools.”

Program Director – Outreach

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