In preparation for the national launch of NTI Trainings on Sept. 30, 2019,

enrollment in this version of NTI at the University of Maryland

is no longer available.


Follow these Steps to Enroll in NTI Pilot Trainings:

Please note:  A cohort ID is no longer required when setting up an NTI profile.

  • #1  The hosting site for NTI training has updated its website. Please follow the instructions below to access NTI. Go to to access the training.

  • #2   Click on Training in the blue bar.

  • #3  Click on the blue “NTI” circle.

  • #4  This will take you to the “My profile page.”

    1. If you already have a profile – go to step #7:
    2. If you have not yet set up your profile click “create profile” and then in the drop down box choose: National Adoption Competency…
  • #5  At the bottom of the page, click on the training you will be taking.

  • #6  On the My Profile page, log-in and then scroll down to choose “National Adoption Competency Mental Health Training”

  • #7  This will take you to the main NTI page where you will select the Training Program you chose when you made your profile.

    (If you selected more than one of the NTI Training Programs then you will see a button for each Training Program. If you selected just one NTI Training Program, then you will see just one button in this section.)  If you need to edit your profile to add another training program, please consult the User Guide (page 7).

    Click on the NTI Training Program button to access that online training. If you are participating in the training for mental health professionals you should have an orange button “NTI Mental Health Professionals Training” to click on. Or, if you want to participate in the training for child welfare professionals, click on the appropriate green button.

  • #8  You will then be taken to the page for that online training, with the module links, progress bar, and tutorial videos like they are on our current website. Click on a training module you’d like to work on.

  • #9  Begin or continue the training.




If needed, please see a User Guide:

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