Certificate of Completion for NTI Training and Options for Attaining Credit:

Receiving Your NTI Certificate of Completion:

Participants who successfully pass all the module post-tests (80% passing) will receive a certificate of completion. (This, however, is not a certification or credentialing program.)  

Attaining Continuing Education Credit:

NTI is approved by the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) for continuing education credit for individuals who enroll though C.A.S.E. on case.myabsorb.com and pass the module post-tests at 80%. Other state licensing boards may also accept NASW credits; individuals should check with their licensing boards.  Please contact your local licensing board to verify your options. The credit hours are as follows: 

  • NTI Training for Child Welfare Professionals (20 hours, Category II) 
  • NTI Training for Child Welfare Supervisors (25 hours, Category II) 
  • NTI Training for Mental Health Professionals (25 hours, Category II) 

Individuals interested in other CEU’s have the option to purchase CEU’s (cost is $40) for a wide variety of disciplines through R. Cassidy Seminars.* 

Individuals accessing NTI via CapLEARN will have the option to purchase continuing education credits for a wide variety of disciplines from R. Cassidy Seminars* once they have successfully completed all the module post-tests (passed at 80%) and have received their certificate of completion.  

Organizations Using Their Own LMS:

Organizations that integrate NTI into their own learning management system (LMS) have two options: 

1. They can submit the NTI trainings for CEU approval through national or state licensing boards and provide CEU’s (for free or a charge)

2. They can also provide access for those who successfully complete to purchase CEU’s for $40 through R. Cassidy Seminars*, which has already approved NTI Trainings for a wide variety of disciplines. NTI provides organizations hosting NTI with the necessary links and wording to provide training participants access at the successful completion of the training. Organizations may also be able to arrange with R. Cassidy Seminars to purchase CEU’s for a group of users (i.e., a designated number of staff). Interested organizations should contact R. Cassidy Seminars directly to discuss this option. 

*R.Cassidy Seminars is a third party CEU provider. Click here for the listing of CEU credits available. 

NTI Host Sites Training Completion Certificates Guidance: 

See Instructions and a Sample Certificate Template.