Celebrate Adoption Month with NTI!

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“How to Honor Your Child’s Birth Family”
by C.A.S.E. Training Specialist, Tony Hynes / Fostering Families Today magazine Nov/Dec 2020


3 Big Reasons Adoption Competency Matters”
by the NTI Implementation Team
“Rudd Adoption Research Series: Building an Adoption Competent Workforce…” 
by C.A.S.E. CEO, Debbie Riley, C.A.S.E. NTI Director, Dawn Wilson and UM’s Bethany Lee

National Adoption Month is a time where many professionals are enrolling in NTI free web-based training.

Attain a deeper understanding of the mental health needs of children and youth in foster, adoptive, kinship and guardianship families. Advance practice for permanency and well-being by joining over 16,000 Child Welfare and Mental Health professionals already participating! Connect with an NTI Implementation Specialist to bring NTI training to your organization.




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