Advanced Behavioral Health, Inc. (ABH) enthusiastically launched the NTI for Mental Health Professionals training in early 2021. The mission of the organization is focused on commitment to excellence and professional care for at risk children, adolescents and adults through their outpatient services across Maryland. Through this commitment, ABH takes great pride in offering NTI to enhance their clinician’s knowledge, values and skills for adoption competent clinical practice.

The NTI training will be offered to all ABH clinicians. One of the goals is to have several clinicians specialize in adoption related matters. The objective is to provide specialized care for adoptive children, youth and their families—holding to ABH’s value of providing family centered mental health programs.

All clinicians will be encouraged to engage in NTI training for Mental Health Professionals not only for obtaining 25 CEUs, but to continue to provide evidenced based practice. ABH is dedicated to providing quality training and opportunities to their mental health professionals to foster continual growth. ABH is excited to rollout NTI for Mental Health to support the needs of the community.

For more info about the Advanced Behavioral Health NTI experience, please email Bryan Zingg, Ed.D., Clinical Training Coordinator, Learn more about NTI trainings: