NTI Trainings for “Child Welfare Professionals” and “Child Welfare Supervisors” are launched by Mississippi via their state LMS in April 2020!

All Adoption Supervisors and Adoption Specialists (about 175 employees) will complete NTI training. To support transfer of learning, Child Welfare Supervisors discuss knowledge gains, skills building, and applications to their specific job responsibilities with teams after each module is completed.
Marcelene Thompson-Ducksworth, MDCPS State Adoption Director and NTI lead stated, “Supervisors and Adoption Specialists have reported that so far NTI has truly broadened their adoption competency knowledge and skills. They have already made practice changes in their work with youth and families. For example, several of our Adoption Specialists shared how they are now incorporating tools and strategies like lifebook work, loss and memory boxes, and digital stories in their work with youth and families as a result of this training experience.”
MDCPS is exploring plans to launch NTI for mental health professionals in the near future! For info about the Mississippi NTI Launch, email NTItrainingsupport@mdcps.ms.gov. Learn more about NTI trainings: https://bit.ly/36YU6XZ