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Click on each workshop title to read the course descriptions. Unless indicated, presentations require 2 hours. For information and to schedule a workshop, call Valerie Kunsman, MSW at 301-476-8525 or email caseadopt@adoptionsupport.org.

Adoption Through the Eyes of Children : A developmental prospective
The Overlooked Key to Adoption Success: Educators and Adoption Professionals in Partnership
S.A.F.E. at School

ADOPTION THROUGH THE EYES OF CHILDREN: A developmental perspective. Find out what adopted children comprehend, think and feel about adoption as they develop from the pre-school years through adolescence. This workshop addresses common questions, fears, and concerns adopted children have regarding birth parents, adoptive parents and siblings, extended families and peers. Special emphasis is on the 7 core issues of adoption and on methods for treating ambiguous loss and grief and issues relating to self-esteem, self-value and identity. Also discussed is how non-adopted children perceive adoption and how feedback from peers and other adults can impact adoption adjustment.

THE OVERLOOKED KEY TO ADOPTION SUCCESS: Educators and adoption professionals in partnership. T eachers, counselors and administrators are critical to ensuring success at school for adopted and foster children. Increase your sensitivity and understanding about adoption issues and discover how normal class discussions, comments and activities can trigger discomfort and distress for adopted students. Learn how you can promote informal, positive, and factual information about adoption for all students, help parents and school personnel work together to ensure appropriate educational programs for foster and adoptive students and discover how to ensure collaborative relations between adoption professionals and school counselors. This workshop outlines ways to connect these important systems for adoptees, particularly those with special needs.

S.A.F.E. AT SCHOOL SM : Support for Adoptive Families by Educators.

Discover how to create a positive, adoption-sensitive environment to benefit adopted and non-adopted children. You'll learn how to weave informal, brief educational moments into already-existing programs and curricula and use five key strategies to open up and manage discussions about adoption in school. Tips for maximizing home-school collaboration are also included. s about adoption. Designed specifically for school personnel, this program can be adjusted to address specific concerns of your school and can be tailored for counselors and school psychologists needing to address the potential behavioral, emotional and learning issues that are rooted in adoption.

For information about these and other programs for educators, call 301-476-8525 or email caseadopt@adoptionsupport.org

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