About Us

C.A.S.E. Lends Support to Enhance Adoption Success

C.A.S.E. is the national leader in adoption-competent support with foster and adopted children and adults, their families and the network of professionals who assist them. With more than 17 years of adoption expertise and an extensive range of services, C.A.S.E. is empowering families in the adoption and foster care community to grow together and overcome challenges.

We’re not an adoption agency. We’re the support system that families and professionals need to ease transition pre-, during and post-adoption. No matter where you are in the adoption cycle, we offer sensitive, specialized and effective services that set up a strong foundation for integral, on-going support for the lifelong adoption journey.

Adoptive parents consistently say their greatest post-adoption need is mental health services provided by someone who knows adoption. Using adoption-centered therapeutic approaches to enhance the well-being of children and families, C.A.S.E.’s skilled clinical therapists provide:

  • Individual, couple, family and group counseling
  • Consultation with child welfare and mental health professionals
  • Consultation with foster and adoptive parents and their family members, prospective adoptive parents, expectant/birth parents, and adult adoptees

Studies show that the early intervention and support C.A.S.E. provides can make a huge difference in the lives, stability, and longevity of adoptive families. Children in care have demonstrated that the support that C.A.S.E. provides leads to better adjustments, more secure attachments, stabilization of families and easier transition to permanency.

We aim to nurture, inspire and empower children, teens, adults, mental health professionals, school counselors and all others who are touched by adoption by sharing our knowledge and providing guidance through a multitude of resources:

  • Counseling Services
  • Family Forums
  • Publications
  • Webinars
  • In-person conferences, workshops and events
  • Public awareness and advocacy programs